The Speech That Was..

This morning, as I browse my files in my PC , I found a copy of my speech both for CCLSI and PMI testimonial dinner as one of the board topnotcher in the 2007 Customs Brokers Licensure Examination.. I just want to share this speech as an inspiration to those who will take the board exams this coming October 28-29, 2008. Especially to those, who in one way or another, became my friends..

CCLSI Testimonial Dinner
Hitsback, Malate, Manila
November 5, 2007

Four years ago my uncle enrolled me at PMI Colleges not knowing what BSCA is entirely all about. I learned later on, that to be a Customs Broker, you had to pass the board exams. I had no other recourse then but to study hard and was surprised later on that I was really doing well with my studies.

On my second year, I became one of the founding officers of PSCAS. Surrounded with the right people,, and having the right exposure,, PSCAS opened many doors for me. Little by little I visualize myself being a Customs Broker.

During the first sem of my senior year, one of our professors, Eng’r Ruben C. Pedreza, advised us to start our board exams review due to the very broad topics and voluminous reading materials we have to absorb. We never heeded his advise to study in advance.

Good thing we had this mockboard exams on the latter part of our senior year. With 2 day’s preparation, I relied heavily on my stock knowledge. As it turned out, I passed the mockboard exams with flying colors. The mock board exams gave me an idea on what it is like in the actual board exams. It was only then that I realized there were still lots of topics that I still don’t know and needs to study on.

So when my tutorial and review classes at CCLSI started, the review materials started flowing in and after several months I was simply overwhelmed by the sheer volume of notes I have to study and comprehend.

So when the scheduled board exams came nearer, I started to feel the pressure and cramming around me. I told my self, I should have followed our professors’ advice. But still I was able to maintain my composure of taking things slowly but surely.

In the morning of the first day of the exams, I said to myself, “just think of it, as if you were merely taking the PMI Mock board Exams”. As I was able to answer each of the board exams questions, my confidence grew for I was expecting a much harder exams that is one full of situational problems. To my delight there are only very few situational questions. In the afternoon of the first day of the exam was my nightmare, although I was able to answer majority of the questions in warehousing, I was still in doubt if I was able to pick out the correct answers. I learned later on, that almost everybody had the same apprehension as mine. Nobody was sure if they will get a passing grade in warehousing. On the second day, Tariff law and practical computations gave back my confidence that if only my grade in warehousing will not fall below 60, I will surely pass.

My only wish back then is really to pass,, But to my surprise I ended up passing the Licensure examination with flying colors being one of the board topnotchers garnering the no. 8 slot.

With this achievement, I would like to take this opportunity to thank and share it with the people who in one way or another had inspired me to learn and had became a part of my learning experience. To God Almighty for instilling in me the patience and providing me with His wisdom and strength to overcome all my fears and hesitations during the exams. To my family for their continuous guidance, support and unconditional love. To my closest friends, Mayeth and Vicky for sharing to me their knowledge, for being understanding, for always being there thru thick and thin and most of all for being my true and real friends all these years. I love you both.. To Kuya Dexter,, who have been our Kuya for almost half a year, I really appreciate all the advices and things you have done for me.. thank you

To Eng’r Ruben Pedreza, my mentor, for his dedication, patience and undying support.. .. I really salute you for your dedication..

To Professor Diosdado Santiago, the man behind PSCAS.. thank you..

To Mr. Roberto Domondon, who have been with us from the very start of our PSCAS days and as our lecturer during the review.. thank you for the three books you have given to me.. I really learned a lot from them.

To Eng’r Art Bernardino, for imparting to us his knowledge, for the time and effort he spent in teaching us the technicalities of classification inspite of his busy schedule.. I really salute you for your dedication..

To my new found friends during the review, to the MCA group.. Congratulations my fellow customs brokers and indeed this is a night for celebration.

PMI Testimonial Dinner
Max’s Restaurant, Ma. Orosa, Malate, Manila
November 16, 2007

When I enrolled at PMI Colleges 4 yrs ago, little did I expect that I would one day stand here in front of my former professors, school officials and my peers to deliver a victory speech as one of the board exams topnotchers.

To be candid about it, I didn’t had then any idea of what being a Customs Broker is all about. It was my uncle who chose this profession for me being a Customs Broker himself and my benefactor. I was even surprised when I learned later on that a BSCA graduate must pass the board exams in order to become a Licensed Customs Broker.

The mock board exams optionally offered by PMI to graduating students were indeed an eye opener for me when I decided to took it. Although I captured the no. 2 slot in said mock board exams, it never did made me confident of my capability. On the other hand it made me realized that there are still lots of board topics which I still need to study and learn if only to ensure my passing in the actual board exams.

And so when the tutorial and review classes at CCLSI started last April, under the tutelage of its review director, Eng’r Ruben Pedreza, I took my review seriously. A unique style of teaching was undertaken by CCLSI. Prior to each review lecture, we were given multiple choice exams simulating probable board exams questions. The answers were then discussed explaining thoroughly not only why a particular choice is correct but also why the other choices were incorrect. Said methodology gave me the necessary exposure and opportunity to fully develop my analytical skill.

The results of the recent board exams speaks for itself when PMI garnered 7 slots in the top 10 positions and 5 of the topnotchers were CCLSI reviewees. This has proven once again that PMI Colleges is not merely a pioneer in the BSCA degree but is a consistent producer of quality graduates and board topnotchers in the annual licensure exams for customs brokers.

Fellow passers, what we have achieved could have not been possible hadn’t it not for the able guidance and dedication of our professors to impart their knowledge to us. So tonight I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my former professors in all my major subjects, Prof. Wilfredo Caingcoy, Prof. Jay Castillo, Prof. Virgilio Abad, Prof. Rafael Buenviaje, Prof Edgardo Lopez, Prof. Darwin Castro, Prof. Paul Chua and of course my mentor since I was in 3rd year and until the duration of my review, Eng’r Ruben Pedreza.

Sir Pedreza, thank you for exposing me to the intricate world of equations for they had truly help me a lot in solving backward computations given in the board exams. It was in the practical computations where I got the highest grade and had propelled me to be a topnotcher.

To Mam Marissa Cardema for being my second mother away from home, thank you so much for the moral support and guidance since I was a freshman and until I graduated.

To God almighty for giving me the spiritual strength and wisdom to endure the 2 days exams, to my family, for their continuous guidance, support and unconditional love. To my closest and true friends Mayeth and Vicky, for being at my side whenever I needed their help.

Lastly to my beloved Alma Mater, PMI Colleges headed by its Pres. Madame Rizabel Cloma-Santos, I will cherish all those pleasant memories and the knowledge I acquired during my 4 yrs of being a student. Thank you my Alma Mater.

To all my fellow passers and now my brothers and sisters in the profession, good luck to all of us for we should not rest on our laurels for what we have achieved is just but the initial and first step when we climb up the ladder to success. May God watch over us at all times.. Thank you..
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20 Responses to The Speech That Was..

  1. You have passed the board exams for the following factors: First, determination and confidence. Second, courage. Third, preparation for “stock of knowledge”. Fourth, review for refresher. Fifth, the exams seem manageable. Sixth, patience. Seventh, reliance to God's wisdom.

  2. May says:

    Inspiring speech and it shows how glad you were to deliver such an honor. What delight to know that being initially undecided and naive would lead to a successful career as a customs broker.

  3. Julie. -- says:

    You're such an inspiration. May you continue to live your dreams as you also continue to inspire others.

  4. tatess says:

    Board Top Notcher, wow. congrats! when I took the dentistry board exam ,the only thing i want is to pass it so don't have to study all over again or do practical exams which is very costly and streesfull .good thing i did it in one take .

  5. An inspiring speech and story you have here 🙂 Nice way for me to start my day.

    Much support, Christia
    Top 7 Indicators of being an Old Couple from Christia's World

  6. Congrats! Your parents must have been very proud of you..

    A very inspiring speech!

  7. michi says:

    honestly, i do not know what custome brokers do. =) congatulations and you deserve it!

  8. Joy says:

    wow! that was really a great achievement, passing the board exams is already good but being on the top 10 was different, Congratulations, may you reach all your goals and endeavors in life

  9. simply pochi says:

    a very inspiring speech. I agree with sir Gil, but I think the first factor for me would be: God already planned it long before you were created 🙂 ❤

  10. Beauty and brain. :)You are such an inspiration and I really love your speech. 🙂

  11. air says:

    What an inspirational speech you have there.

    Raketer Mama

  12. Galing! Very inspiring speech! Thank you very much for sharing the ingredients of your success to the rest of us.

    I hope you excel in your chosen field, and Godbless!

  13. I have a friend who is also a licensed custom broker and she encouraged her niece to follow her footsteps. Congratulations, kung maibabalik ko lang sana nag custom broker na rin ako ;)) congrats! You made your mama proud!

  14. Mei Chagas says:

    Wow congrats! You're one of the topnotchers. Well I guess you really deserve that. I know you really worked hard to earn it. :))

  15. promking says:

    this blogpost is a speech on its own. congratulations.

    nakakakaba ang mga speech di ba?

  16. promking says:

    your blogpost is speech on its own. congratulations!

  17. germz says:

    I can totally relate the time when I took the nursing board exam. The result was destiny(nothing to expound that further.hihi). I took it once an passed. But yours is a better destiny plus with the flying colors. Go girl!

  18. Very inspiring! Sometimes the road we travel seem unfamiliar but it can prove to be the one that we would be successful at…congrats!

  19. iamreyrusty says:

    It only means that we should always pray so that God will lighten up our way and to continue craving for excellence!

  20. C5 says:

    There are 3 types of learners: fast-learner, slow-learner and non-learner.

    There are also the wise and the fools.

    A wise fast-learner benefits the most while the non-learner who is also a fool is the worst.

    Congratulations for knowing to give credit to whom credit is due! 🙂

    c5 @

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