BDJ Passion Series 1: Introduction to Yoga

Aside from the traditional BDJ Rendezvous, this year BDJ introduces the BDJ Passion Series,  a way to encourage girls within the BDJ Community to cultivate their interests and discover new passions while having fun with each other.

The first installment of the BDJ Passion Series is the Introduction to Yoga at Pulse Studio, Makati..

The Yoga Room..

Ms. Madeleine, our instructor briefing us about Yoga. 

Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root “yuj” meaning to control, to yoke or to unite..

Yoga helps in improving posture, relieving back pain, and providing a sense of calm and well-being.

Yoga Poses..

I was with Nikki whom I met in the BDJ fair last year. As you can see, there’s a bottle of coke right beside me. It’s my first time doing Yoga and I felt a little bit dizzy like I feel like fainting. I drink the coke during intervals.. =) Feels like my sugar level is going down.. =)

The Active Bellas..

Lastly, I was really hungry after the session and went straight to eat.. =)

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