BDJ Rendezvous: A Better You This Summer..

BDJ Starting the Summer Right!


BE FINANCIALLY FREE: Learn how to tackle your money matters. Tin Romano, a management consultant at McKinsey, will take you through ways to save up and control the urge to splurge!

STEP UP TO FITNESS:  Fitness leads to happiness. There’s no more perfect time to try to get fit than now! Get inspired to commit to a fitness routine that is right for you

GET YOUR SUN-KISSED STYLE: Keep your cool this summer! Stock up on warm-weather fashion tips from Jasmine Mendiola, a professional stylist and make-up artist and former editor at Summit Media.

This is my first BDJ Rendezvous and I was late.. =)

Signing up..

There’s a game! It’s like Human Bingo and the title is “Have You Ever?”

with Nikki..

Eagerly listening to the talk..

with Nikki again..

An envelope full of discount coupons was given to us after the event..

with my new found friends enjoying our free froyo..

Human Bingo Game  – First Five Girls to submit the paper wins a special prize. (Next time I need to be early.. =) — this game intends to give the girls a chance to get to know each other..

My favorite topic was “BE FINANCIALLY FREE”. Three things you should consider in having your budget. You need to identify your Needs – Line Items in the Budget that keep you sane, Wants – also line items in the budget that makes you happy and lastly, WISH – Savings which keeps you aspiring.

There is raffle, free delicious food, loot bags and new found friends..
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