Sneak Peak..

Our agenda is really to conduct and ocular inspection for a project we’re working on. Thanks to Eng’r Jay Lising and Sir Tony (who were very accomodating) in giving us the privilege to tour on Resorts World Manila, Mariott Hotel, Newport Cinemas and Travellers International Hotel Group Inc. before we go to the ocular inspection. ^_^

Newport Cinemas..

Cinema 4 | PG-13

PHP 200
12:15 p.m. / 3:15 p.m.

A middle-aged woman living a fairly successful life finds herself unsatisfied with the way everything has gone. She decides to leave all of it behind as she takes a trip around the world, learning to appreciate the wealth of great experiences available to one who seeks them.

Newport Cinemas Wall..

fully reclining seats (this was taken outside the cinema), enclosed private cubicles for couples (was hesitant to take pictures inside the cinema)

Travellers International Hotel Group Inc.

Room 517..

Very Nice..

Photos taken by Sir Tony.. (thanks! ^_^)


I Super Love the Swimming Pool! Really amazed! Keep on touching the glass.. ^_^

Photo taken again by Sir Tony..

Entering the Villa..

I Super Love the Over Looking..

Discussing… about the hotel.. ^_^

The Room..

Last Peak..


The first six-star luxury casino hotel in the Philippines, Maxims Tower sets the benchmark for high-end accommodations in the country.

Till Next Time.. ^_^

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