LEGO City : Part One..

I recently went to SM Mall of Asia and saw this ..

Lego comes from the Danish phrase leg godt, which means “play well”. It can  also be interpreted as “I put together” and “I assemble” in Latin. (Source:Wikipedia)

I’m not sure what kind of Lego City is this, but it is obviously a Christmas Theme.. =)

This I think is a Restaurant.. 

A closer look of the Blue Christmas Tree..

Green Christmas Tree..

A closer look..

Santa Claus is everywhere..

Overview of the city..

 Closer look of the houses..

Nativity of Jesus..

The Church..

Bullet Train..


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4 Responses to LEGO City : Part One..

  1. Ash and Jon says:

    That's super neat. Can you imagine actually creating it?

  2. krystle says:

    if i have the time, i would love to create one.. =)

  3. Ashee says:

    that are really cute pics..

    will be coming back to your blog again n again


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