Wacoal: The Perfect Fit

We came across the booth of Wacoal at SM Mall of Asia near the Ice Skating Rink. The ladies of Wacoal invite us to sign in and try on their bras (no need to purchase) to know or update what our bra and panty size are. The lady measures the bust etc, then we proceed in the fitting room to try on the bra. They not only let us try the bra but also teach us how to properly fit the bra and how to store and wash it properly. And they gave us a pouch as a gift.. =).

I’ve done a little research and saw this on Wacoal’s website..

Tips for a Perfect Fit (This was basically the ladies taught us..)

1. Put both your arms the shoulder straps to have the bra hanging on the shoulders. Use both hands to hold the lower hem of the bra-cups.

2. Bend your body slightly forward to allow both breasts to slip fully inside the bra-cups. Then, buckle up the back hook.

 3. Adjust the shoulder straps; gather the breasts from the sides towards the center into the bra-cup.

4. When wearing a bra with a front hook, slip in both arms through the straps; pull down the sides from the back. Then buckle up the hook. This style of brassiere helps enhance your bust line beauty.

5. Once you’ve tried the undergarment on, raise both arms, tend your body and generally move around to see if you feel comfortable.

Consider all these and you will find a bra that will suit you perfectly.

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