Nina Diamond Greatest Hits 2002-2010

Included on my 2010 Christmas Wishlist! Thanks to my friend who gave this to me as a post christmas gift! It’s better late than never! =) Actually I saw this album during Nina’s Concert at the Metro Bar last October 16, 2010 and ofcourse I included it on my Christmas wishlist.. =). 

Nina known as the “Asia’s Soul Siren” and the first Filipino Female Recipient of the Diamond Award, Warner Music Philippines in celebration of Nina’s success as the one and only female Diamond recording artist launched a super special edition album entitled “Nina Diamond Greatest hits 2002-2010”

This comes in a vinyl sized pop-up package, complete with photos from Nina’s first album to present. What makes the 4 disc CD/DVD special is the 18 minus one tracks and a lyrics booklet.

I love her renditions of the timeless classics. She’s definitely one of the artist that we Filipinos can truly be proud of.. =)
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2 Responses to Nina Diamond Greatest Hits 2002-2010

  1. stephipay says:

    Nina is really one of the captivating singer in the Philippines . beauty and talent talaga =)

  2. vivi says:

    hhmm.. i've searched for this album already sold out in music stores near our place…
    can you please rip off this 4 disc in wav format (not mp3) for me please…..

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