Conquering the Majestic Crater of Mt. Pinatubo

It was last Saturday, June 4, 20 years after its eruption way back June 1991 when we conquered the majestic crater of Mt. Pinatubo. It was through the efforts of Jonel Uy of LetsGoSago who spearheaded the “Akyat Pinatubo Bloggers Climb For a Cause” with the help of the generous sponsors. Proceeds of which will go to Tahanang Walang Hagdanan.

I was very excited because this is my first time to trek. We started the trip with the ride on a 4×4 Jeep. It was a bit cloudy on our way to the Jump Off point where we will start the 2 and a half hour trek. The skyway is damaged due to Chedeng so we had to take the long route.

We rode a closed type of the 4×4 Jeepney..

and yeah we miss the fun! hehe.. So we opt to take pictures instead of our fellow bloggers riding the open type of 4×4 Jeep.. =)

The road was covered with Lahar.

It started raining when we are about to passed the second stream (cap courtesy of Columbia). I’m wearing a Merrel WaterPro Tawas Shoe which I also use in running, though its a water shoe, I change it and wore a Flip Flop.

My bag was covered by a black garbage bag to protect my things from getting wet.

We were walking in water, lahar,

and in rocks!

My Trekking outfit: T-Shirt (Travel Factor), Bag (Fila), Water Pack (The North Face) and Shorts (Lakambini)

Final pose before..

“Welcome to Mt. Pinatubo, your trek starts here.” What!!!!??? 15-20 minutes pa! =)

A nice, clear and mouthwatering stream, a sign that yeah we are about to reach the crater..

After 20 minutes.. uh oh, Senior Citizen! =)

The long walk is over, the reward a Magnificent,


Breath taking crater of Mount Pinatubo!

We still need to go down to see the actual crater..

I really love it.. The Green color of the water is very inviting, but we did not swim. Instead we took some rest and enjoyed the scenic view while sitting on our portable chairs..

My fellow bloggers.. ^_^

My significant other.. ^_^

Last view of the crater before we head back and start the 2 and a half hour trek again! =)

4×4 Jeeps waiting for us!

After the long walk, I can’t help but seat! I pushed my limit! yay!

It was such a great experience and its also a special trek because its the 20th anniversary of its eruption way back June 1991. The world’s most violent and destructive volcanic event of the 20th century!

If you want to experience this try booking at Travel Factor.

This is a pre-qualifying entry to the Intramuros Bloggers Challenge 2012 by IntramurosManila.Asia. This campaign is fully supported by Intramuros Administration, Barbara’s Restaurant, Celdran ToursMabuhay Guides, Pilgrimage Pilipinas, Castillan Tours,  Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation, Inc, Starbucks Philippines, Starbucks Facebook Fan PagePayless Pancit Shanghai. Ruthilicious and Ruthilicious @ FB

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3 Responses to Conquering the Majestic Crater of Mt. Pinatubo

  1. Helen says:

    This is so cool! And Mt. Pinatubo's scenery is beautiful. Looks like you had lots of fun! 🙂

  2. chino says:

    ganda may araw din sa akin to .. i added your urls already =)be safe

  3. chino says:

    may araw din sa akin tong Pinatubo …thanks for sharing

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