M&M’s® Candydates Go Head to Head! Vote for M&M’s® Candydate Green!

Last June 1, M&M’s® launched its Vote & Win campaign, calling all Filipinos to vote for the most popular M&M’s® Candydate. This is part of a global campaign to celebrate the people’s choice candydate.

Meet the Candydates:

MR. COOL BLUE – confident and contemporary, is hoping that his charm with the ladies and varying degrees of coolness will help him to sway the public vote.

RED – a power colour by nature, was born to lead and as he is a pro at bossing people around, he’ll be forcing your hand for your vote.

ORANGE – isn’t quite sure how he got sucked into this in the first place and is feeling somewhat nervous so is in desperate need of some support.

YELLOW – thinks all the nicest things in the world are yellow, like sunflowers, so feels he deserves to win.

MISS GREEN – out to prove that sister’s are doing it for themselves. a feisty lady, she is not afraid to use her female charms to get what she wants.

I choose Ms. Green, she’s the only female amongst the Candydates, Smart, Sexy and especially strong. Like her, I also love fashion and shopping while keeping in mind to protect mother earth by using eco bags when shopping, when given plastic bags reuse it as much as possible and consider the environment before printing e-mails.

Cast your vote at http://www.m-ms.com.ph and stand a chance to win the grand prize – your choice of any M&M’s® merchandise worth US$1,000 avaialable on the M&M’s® World Website and up to 450 bi-weekly prizes including a set of five M&M’s® keyrings and an M&M’s® dispenser.

Also if you want to see the Candydates in person they will be at the following venues: (this will be updated regularly)

June 12 – Trinoma and Landmark Makati : 10 am to 6pm
June 14 – Duty Free Philippines Fiesta Mall : 1pm to 7pm
June 16 – De La Salle University

If Ms. Green fits your personality, Go and Vote for her! Remember registration is free and no proof of purchase needed.

Chocolate is better in color right!? Cast your VOTE NOW!

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  1. happyflower says:

    COOL blog!!!


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