Lory’s Hair Cream Supports the Hot Young Designers Fashion Face Off 2011

Lory’s Hair Cream just recently signed up as a major sponsor of the Hot Young Designers Fashion Face Off 2011!

Lory’s Hair Cream is an internationally recognized Brailian dual-purpose conditioner/treatment, which instantly conditions, protects and hydrates hair.  They are proud to announce its partnership as a major sponsor for Hot Young Designers, since it truly believes in the Filipino talent. They believe that HYD is a good venue where the hottest young designers of the country get to show off their creativity and talent by creating collections and at the same time, they get to benefit by being trained on how to handle their own businesses and eventually their own brand and labels.
Lory’s Hair Cream believes in the advocacy and to help support the event, they will be giving away freebies in the upcoming promos for customers of these Hot Young Designers. Don’t miss out on these activities. Visit http://hotyoungdesigners.tumblr.com/ for more details.

Co-presenter for the Fashion Face Off 2011 is Yabang Pinoy and Juice.ph. Major sponsors are Giordano, HD Make Up Studio and Academy, Le istro Vert, Ever Bilena, Suesh, Baubles, Bangles and Beads, Sheryl Vicente, Strip, Browhaus, Sari-Sari Sounds, DragonPay, Xend Business Solutions and finally Lory’s Hair Cream. Minor sponsors are Evita Peroni and Glagla.

For more updates on the Fashion Face Off 2011 and the designer contestants, please visit HotYoungDesigners.tumblr.com or http://hotyoungdesigners.multiply.com/. You can also follow their facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/#!/HotYoungDesigners) and twitter account (@hydesigners). For sponsorship inquiries, please contact hotyoungdesigners@gmail.com.

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