My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2011 Nominees

This will be my first time to join the Emerging Influential Blogs Writing Project that is now on its 5th year by Ms. Janette Toral

Better late than never right?

Here are my Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011 Nominees:

1. Blogger Manilaby Jonel Uy

This mainly discuss about Social Media, Blogging and Online Engagements. This blog reminds you that your online presence is just as important as your offline persona.

2. Lucky Citrineby Helen Blas

Her personal views on beauty talk, food and fashion. I find her post very interesting that I keep coming back for more.

3. The Pickiest Eater – by Richie Zamora

Food adventures of the Pickiest Eater in the World.. ^_^

A breather from your usual blog. 

Blogging 101 on a personal perspective. Perfect for Newbie Bloggers.

6. Sleek in the City – by Mark Joseph Delgado

The guide for Sleek folks to the best of Manila and beyond.

– by Jhong Medina, Renz Alcantara, Carl Valenzona and Leira Pagaspas

A blog that aims to promote one of our national heritage – The Rizal Park, the Largest Urban Park in Asia

8. Blog-ph – by JayL Aquino

Your one stop blog to know what’s the latest around the metro.

9. Certified Foodies – by Mhel and Kenneth Ignacio

Two heads is better than one right? Ignacio siblings shares their food adventure, cooking techniques and recipes and passion for food. 

Travel blog that will make you want to visit the places she sets foot into.

Want to join? Click HERE..
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4 Responses to My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2011 Nominees

  1. Helen says:

    Kilig.:> Di ako aware na may ganito pala. Thank you, Krystle! 🙂

  2. Hi Krystle. I just included your entry in the raffle masterlist. Hope to see you on September 13.

  3. kRyStLe says:

    @helen i personally love your blog and in a short span you've gain readers and more followers too.. keep up the good work.. medyo late na nga ang post ko kasi nadisappoint ako na hindi qualified ung pinakagusto kong blog.. naisip ko sayang naman din..

    @ms.janette thanks po.. i will be there po..

  4. Richie Z says:

    Hi Krystle!

    I'm sorry I only saw this now.. But as it said in your post.. Better late than never, right?

    Thank you so much for adding me as your top ten emerging influential Blogs 2011! It really means the world to me that you'd think of my blog as worthy to be mentioned with some great company!

    Thank you again 🙂

    The Pickiest Eater

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