eBay Philippines joins the group buying frenzy through Kuponan

With the numerous number of group buying sites available in our country today, Ebay Philippines, the World’s Online Market Place that allows you to buy, bid and sell wide variety of products added a group buying feature on its site and named it Kuponan.

Hot Local Deals
This new feature allows merchants to sell their products on highly discounted price mostly at 50% off the original price or more. This way, merchants have now the power to advertise their products in the most inexpensive and effective way. This will attract new customers and if satisfied with what they purchased, customers will be coming back spread it to their friends or later on will become patrons.
If you are already an ebay.ph user, you can easily find Kuponan on the upper left side of the website, if not simply register at http://www.ebay.ph/ for free or you can go directly to http://www.kuponan.com/ and register.

So how does Kuponan works?

Every day an exciting deal will be provided. It may be on services such as health and beauty, medical services, spa and wellness, entertainment, travel packages, leisure, dining, food and restaurants, etc. The time of purchase also last up to six long days so you have more time to decide and make the most out of your hard earned money. Anyhow, to obtain each deal a minimum number should be obtained so that the deal can be active. So feel free to share any of the deals on Kuponan either on Facebook or in Twitter.
Currently I’ve opened a dessert blog and currently looking for a new place to try on, and luckily while I was doing my daily routine of checking numerous group buying site, I came across this deal about Gloria Jeans Coffees at Kuponan offering a whopping Php 100.00 for Php 200.00 worth of any food item and beverage at Gloria Jeans Coffees. 

What I love about Kuponan is that I’m not required to pay my purchase in full yet but only a part of the original price. Like for this deal, I’m asked to pay Php 20.00 for each coupon that I bought. The remaining balance will be paid upon claiming the coupon at the merchant store. Payments can be made via Paypal, Gcash, or Bank Deposit/Bank Transfer thru BDO. Since this deal is already on, I already send the details of payment through kuponan.ebay@gmail.com for payment confirmation, an email was sent containing the e-coupon. 

To redeem the coupon simply print the e-coupon you’ve receive and then present it to the merchant and pay the remaining balance of your purchase. In case the deal you chose is not yet active, just click the Pay now button and once it is on, an email confirmation will be sent on your registered email address and another email which includes the payment details. Or if you wish to give this as a gift simply give an authorization letter and your ID so that the person can claim the coupons. 

Simple right? So what are you waiting for visit http://www.ebay.ph/ or www.kuponan.com and find amazing hot deals that fits your tight budget.

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