Monday Memories # 1: My Mobile Phones History

This will be the first installment on what I called Monday Memories. Since we are all been techie these days, let me share to you the mobile phones I’ve own and still have through the years. (photos comes from different websites)

My first mobile phone was a Nokia 5160  which I received as a High School  graduation gift from my sister in 2003 with a Talk n Text sim with cellphone no. 0920-3479940;

Second mobile phone was a Nokia 3210 with the same number with a bright sunny yellow housing in 2005;

Third mobile phone was a Nokia 8210 with the same number in 2006 ;

I get tired of Nokia phones and switched to Samsung instead.. Since I wanted a dual sim phone because I also wanted to own a Sun Sim (unlimited calls and text were so popular), for my fourth mobile phone, I chose this Samsung D8880 in red which I bought for the first time in 2008. I also switched from Talk n Text to Globe and Sun;

For my fifth mobile phone, I wanted to go back and use a Nokia Phone specifically the E-series because of its Qwerty type of keypad but was not able to buy because its too expensive. In 2010, I saw this LG Lollipop and I easily fell in love with it. Its the sweetest design ever (of course in pink), have captivating LED lights and lastly I haven’t seen or known anyone from my circle using this phone. I still have this on my storage box and use it once in a while;

Since I still want a Qwerty type of phone, I wanted a BlackBerry back then but it was way too expensive! In July 2010, Nokia launched an affordable type of qwerty phone the Nokia C3. There was a hot pink color available but I opt to buy the Slate Grey because it has a BlackBerry look.. ^_^ I currently use this phone with a Sun sim;

For my seventh mobile phone, this year I decided to apply for a Sun Postpaid plan. Plan 350 comes with a free phone and I chose this Nokia 2730 classic. I also have this phone and use it interchangeably with the Nokia C3 and LG Lollipop;

Lastly for my eight current mobile phone, it’s the Samsung Galaxy SII the best phone ever! 

So you? what’s your mobile phone history?

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3 Responses to Monday Memories # 1: My Mobile Phones History

  1. Helen says:

    Ako naman 1st phone ko Nokia 5110. 🙂 Yun ata yung pinakamatibay na phone e kahit ihagis mo buo parin. Tapos 6210, 6280, 1112. Wala. Panget mga phone ko. Hahaha!

  2. kRyStLe says:

    i think yung pinakamatibay was the 3210.. =)

  3. Ria Hazel says:

    My first phone during HS was Alcatel pero my Dad brought it home from abroad. Kaya medyo wala dito nun. After HS, Nokia 3310. Then Motorola e398, but it was stolen when I was about to graduate.

    After college, my fone was Motorola L7 tapos Sony Ericsson k310 from Sun Cellular. Tapos I had Motorola RZR V3i. Then Nokia Supernova 7610, Nokia 2700 Classic, then Nokia C3 Hot Pink and Samsung Punch 🙂

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