MeMoRy LaNe: ChRiStMaS PReSeNt

Last week, I started a weekly post entitled Monday Memories which I wanted to be a Meme. I failed to post the following week, I ran out of topic. Then I came across this Meme at Pinoy Bloggers created by Mel Cole entitled Memory Lane Monday . Yay! I’m joining this weekly Meme. The theme for this week is Christmas Presents. 

I would like to share to you this post Christmas present that I receive.

Nina’s Diamond Greatest Hits Album given to me January this year that was included on my Christmas Wishlist I made last year for the first time. Better late than never right? I was super happy back then when my friend hand it over to me (it shows in the pic right? =)). This reminds me to again prepare my Christmas Wishlist for this year!

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8 Responses to MeMoRy LaNe: ChRiStMaS PReSeNt

  1. LP says:

    I am glad you got what was in your wishlist.

    You can fine my entry here:

  2. air says:

    ganda ng smile visiting thru memory

  3. Pinx says:

    yeah, it does show in the photo! what a nice Christmas present! late visit here for MLM!

  4. Dhemz says:

    how cool! thanks for visiting mine @…:)

  5. Oh that's cool!

    Visiting late for MLM! Hope you can visit mine:)

  6. That is one amazing collection sis, btw, my first time here. finishing my visit for MLM

  7. Mel Cole says:

    hello mommy sis, daan ako dito to remind you Memory Lane Monday's second week is up 🙂 Hope you can join again.

  8. Marina says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! Sorry of my late visit. Nice to Know you.

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