MeMoRy LaNe: ChRiStMaS TRee

It’s Memory Lane Monday again and the theme for the week is “Christmas Tree”. Let me share with you some of the photos of Christmas Trees I collated last week.

This photo was taken at my grandmother’s house in Caloocan. This was uploaded by my aunt on Facebook. I think I was 5-7 years old here and my first photo beside a Christmas Tree.. ^_^

2008 Christmas Trees

These photos of Christmas Trees were taken last 2008. These were showcase at SM The Block, looking at the pictures, these were made of papers/news papers a Christmas Tree Making Contest by the Manila Bulletin.

2010 Christmas Trees 

This one is a Christmas Tree made of Lego that was displayed at the SM Mall of Asia last year for their Christmas Wonder World 12 weeks of Christmas.

I also captured this giant Christmas tree also from SM Mall of Asia last year.

Lastly, Our Christmas Tree last year decorated by my Mom. 

How about you? any Christmas tree photo or story you want to share? 

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14 Responses to MeMoRy LaNe: ChRiStMaS TRee

  1. michi says:

    buti ka pa may picture nung bata sa christmas tree, parang wala yata ko, hehe!

    thanks for dropping by1 =)

  2. Lulu Post says:

    oh, the old pic is so cute!

  3. kRyStLe says:

    @michi – oo nga eh, thanks to my tita.. =)

    @Lulu – thank you..

  4. Dhemz says:

    I have to agree with Lulu….the first pic is really cute…parang kahapon lang to na pic…ehehhee!

    wow, very intricate designs…ganda kaya!

    thanks for dropping by @ savvymamascorner.ifo

  5. kRyStLe says:

    @Dhemz.. maraming salamat.. ^_^

  6. tatess says:

    lately lang my son was asking for my childhood pics ,sadly wala akong maipakita except for one nung high school ako .I wish to have a picture of me beside the christmas tree.

  7. Yannie says:

    You'reso cute sa first pic…By the eay, those recycled Christmas tree are great

  8. momgen says:

    Oh boy all trees looks pretty. Visiting from MLM!

    Mine is here

  9. Love to see different Christmas tree. Thank;s for sharing..

    Visiting for MLM! Hope you can visit mine too..

  10. awww look how adorable you are Sis in the first photo 🙂 Beautiful Christmas trees you have here. Thank you for sharing. Returning the love for Memory Monday Lane. Thank you for the visit too.

  11. purethoughts says:

    i love the pInoy's creativity in making Christmas trees. I love the lego tree, too!thanks for the visit!

  12. Mel Cole says:

    I miss looking at giant Christmas trees 🙂 Malayo kasi Mall sa amin. I enjoyed your pictures sis especially that Lego Christmas tree. 🙂

  13. all that different look of Christmas tree makes me smile, napaka creative talaga ng pinoy heheh

  14. Mel Cole says:

    Hi sis, first honors ka ngayon ha. hehhe, will be back with you new post. Nudge muna ako sa iba to join. 🙂

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