MeMoRy LaNe: ChRiStMaS CaRdS

Here are some of the Christmas Cards I received way back high school. I dig on my scrapbook and found these

These were Christmas Card Projects for our Filipino subject when I was in 4th year High School. The first card was from Marybeth Alviza and the second card was from Venus Ericka Toledo. The last card was for our Trigonometry subject.

These are from Aisa Villaluna and Theresa Salvador 3rd and 4th year High School attached on the gifts I received during our Christmas Party.

These are from my college professor, boss, clients, friends, colleagues and family.

The last Christmas Card I received from our client that was sent to me in January 2011.

How about you? have you kept some Christmas Cards?
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2 Responses to MeMoRy LaNe: ChRiStMaS CaRdS

  1. Savvy_Mama says:

    awwwww…super cute at ang dami….:) thanks for dropping by @

    have a fabulous New Year ahead!

  2. Emzkie says:

    beautiful Christmas cards!
    thanks for your visit!

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