2011 BDJ Checklist Result

Last January I have listed the 2011 BDJ Checklist and all throughout 2011 here’s the things I have come to achieve unconsciously.

1) Try out a new hairdo

I had my hair digi-permed at Tony and Jackey

2) Watch a Play 
3) Watch a live basketball match 
I was able to watch PBA at Cuneta Astrodome
4) Run a Marathon 
5) Fall deeply in love — helplessly and unconditionally 
At last! After almost 7 years God gave him to me
6) Shower in a waterfall
7) Travel to a new destination
Conquered the Majestic Crater of Mt. Pinatubo
8) Win a Contest
I won 2 tickets to the concert of Black-Eyed Peas courtesy of Mcdo!
9) Attend one really huge rock concert
I love Black Eyed Peas!
10) Meet an author, actor or singer that you really like
I met Christian Bautista during his Outbound Bloggers Conference! 
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2 Responses to 2011 BDJ Checklist Result

  1. Ria Hazel says:

    Ang pinaka-gusto ko dito, yung fall deeply in love. Naks! I wanna do a post like this din. hahah :))

  2. deb says:

    A Very Successful and Prosperous Happy New Year 2 u n ur family…!!!

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