Event: The Philippine Internet Congress and Expo 2012

The Philippine Internet Congress 2012 with the theme “Getting Up to Speed on World Class Technology” will be held from March 9-11 at SM Megamall Megatrade Hall from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
This event will not only showcase new products  in the market but will also feature some of the celebrated personalities and industry leaders as they share their breakthrough ideas and street smart insights on internet marketing, news and information, security and business solution. 
I’ll be interested to know, understand and be updated on these topics:

1) The Facebook Generation: The Impact of Social Media in Global Transformation;
2) Online Reputation Management;
3) Building Community through Blogging;
4) Services through e-Government;
5) Survival of the Fittest in the Internet Age;
6) Business Solution on Mobile;
7) The Future of e-Commerce: Bringing Your Dream Business to Life;
8) Maximizing Exposure Through Discount Vouchers;
9) Integrating Digital into Your Business
10) Protecting Your Business: What You Should Know About Hacking;
11) Online News and Information;
12) Internet Recruitment;
13) The Mobile Apps Experience: A Philippine Perspective;
14) IP Solutions for your Business (Cloud Storage, Data Management and Protection, Video Intelligence, IP Telephony and Firewall); and

I’m looking forward to meet and hear these industry leaders in their respective field and how they succeed in the internet generation:

1) Jack Madrid, Country Manager of the Philippines of Multiply.com;
2) Homer Nievera, Director for Sponsorships and Partnerships of Multiply.com
3) Janet Toral, Founder of Philippine Internet Commerce Society and Digital Filipino;
4) Jim Ayson, Senior Manager for Partner Management of SMART Communications;
5) Neph Denosta, Assistant Vice President of Sun Cellular;
6) Ralph Wunsch, Founder of Metrodeal.com
7) JV Rufino, Director for Mobile of Philippine Daily Inquirer;
8) Shaun Olarte, President of Web Solutions, Inc.;
9) Chino Rodriguez, Certified Ethical Hacker;
10) Mon Lizardo, Digital Marketing Consultant;
11) Jaime Garchitorena, President of EduPro;
12) Manny Fernando, President of IMMAP and MegaMobile;
13) Lloyd Luna, President of Lloyd Luna Communication
14) Hans Montenegro, Country Manager for NorthgateArinso
15) Joel Carbonilla, Assistant Vice President for Marketing of MEC Networks; and
16) Zes Martinez, AVP-New Product Development MEC Networks

Mark you calendars now and attend this years expo and be amazed by world class technology, internet and mobile applications, latest gadgets, data management tools, software and programs, online recruitment system, business solution, cloud storage, data management, video intelligence, IP Telephony and Firewall, Social Media Management, Discount Vouchers, internet security, blogging and other interesting and useful internet developments.

For seat reservations in the conference, please call Kaye or Randolf at 470-1055, 470-1057 or 0905-3364486 or you may visit Philippine Internet Congress.

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7 Responses to Event: The Philippine Internet Congress and Expo 2012

  1. Vance Madrid says:

    Thanks for sharing this event. I'm sure my friends will find time to attend, with interesting & relevant topics + excellent speakers, it is an event that we shouldn't miss.

  2. Matteo says:

    Innovation meets politics!Kfacha

  3. Does this event has entrance fees?

  4. gagay says:

    i first read about this from…i forgot, lol..

  5. iaadamlim says:

    Is there a fee to attend this conference? If yes, how much? and where will we get the tickets?

    Is there an early bird rate?

  6. idagurl says:

    Will be attending this too! Hope to learn some new things!

  7. Stacy Liong says:

    I wrote about this too! so excited!

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