The Body Shop’s Lily Cole Cruelty Free Make Up Line

One of the perks of being a member of The Body Shop’s Love Your Body (LYB), is to get exclusive invites to their free make-up workshops. Last June June 16, The Body  shop conducted a free make up workshop to its LYB Members by using the limited edition Lily Cole Cruelty Free Make Up. This is to celebrate The Body Shop’s against animal testing ethos.
The Lily Cole Cruelty Free Make-Up has NO BUGS, NO SHELLFISH and NO ANIMAL HAIR. We had the chance to use below make up line:
The Violet Liquid Eyeliner that’s easy to apply and the Pearl Radiance Primer in pearl form to be use before the foundation or just on its own.
Shimmer Cubes in pink and lilac range. Also available in coral range for that natural look.

Puff on radiance that leaves on pink radiance with that of a smooth puff.
Mini Hi Shine available Go Pink, Go Wild, Go Play and Go Naked with a fun fruity flavor priced at Php195.00
Me, putting on the eye liner thanks Body Shop for the photo.
Voila! Though I was not able to hide my eye bags, I still love my look. Thanks Ria for this awesome photo!
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