Great Deals at the Great Northern Sale

So I ended going to the Great Northern Sale at SM North Edsa on the last day! And the people are pouring like rain ang traffic lang! Hehe.. Like people are on panic buying mode. I got there by 2pm and my plan was I should be home by 5pm because I have so many things to do pa. That means I should stick to my shopping list and that is to buy a new pair of inner wear with a budget of Php1,000.

I directly went to the department store. And these bags on sale one is 50% off and the other is buy one take one welcomes me and will make you say “sayang naman kung di ako bibili!” Well I was not tempted! Yes! 
So I went to the Lingerie area and was happy to see that Wacoal is also on sale at 40%! The last time I bought a pair of inner wear was two (2) months ago at SM Manila, the one who helped me to update my size was the same sales lady that I talked to 2 months ago. I was like she really looks familiar and then she approached me and told me that “Namimili ka rin sa SM Manila di ba?” I was like “kaya pala you looked familiar”. She helped me and smilingly said lets see if you’re still on the same size and got a tape measure. She also suggest some styles for me. I got to try three bra’s but since I’m on a budget, I bought 1 brassiere and 1 underwear in skin tone.
They are beautifully packed in this pink and violet pouches. Brassiere originally priced at Php1,200 now at Php795 and the underwear originally priced at Php425 now at Php295. Big savings right! And this inner wear will last like years so it’s really worth it! Total of Php 1,090! Good thing I still have some points in my SM Advantage card and I use it to pay the excess of Php90 so I can still say that stick on my budget pa rin!
And before I went to do some errands for my mom, I got my gourmet card and bought a California Burrito and upon presentation of the gourmet card, I got a free iced tea!
So you? What did you buy during the Great Northern Sale?
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