Be Derek’s New Anna!

Remember that Anna Banana Song made by Derek S. Lorenzo?

Anna finally replied!

Poor Derek was rejected by Anna! I think she should have just talked to Derek in response to the video. What the hell is she thinking!? She wants to see the world how he rejected Derek! How rude!

Good thing, Derek has his whole family to support and back him up! Rejection is the worst feeling ever! But Derek, cheer up, Anna is not the only girl in the world. It only means that you are not for each other and you deserve a far more better girl than that of Anna.
For all the girls out there! Want to be Derek’s new Anna!?
Go to and submit a video entry on why you deserve to Derek’s new Anna! The chosen girl will be part of the next PLDT and myDSL commercial and will take home a Samsung Ultrabook!
You can also go the following malls and have your videos uploaded on their uploading stations:
September 1 & 2 (Saturday & Sunday) Robinson Manila – Robinsons Place Manila, Level 1 fronting Jollibee Adriatico Wing
September 8 & 9 (Saturday & Sunday) SM Megamall – UGF BLdg B. Space 2 & 3 fronting French Baker

Don’t miss the chance to be Derek’s new Anna!

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