Jam Packed SM Manila 3-Day Sale! (As Always!)

Started the first day of September reporting to work and after I treated myself for a shopping spree! (Of course with a tight budget!)

 The crowd around 2pm

We had lunch at the newly opened Kung Fu Kitchen, where you can find the most affordable bento box in town!

SM Manila is opening a lot of new dining establishments such as Sea Food Island, Tokyo Grill, and also soon to open, Bread Talk! We don’t need to go to Ermita just to buy our favorite bread! Yehey!

Around 3pm, crowd grew bigger, hunting for the most affordable things they could get!

During SM sales, I always go to its department store first.
We had a lot of these at home and my mom and I always wait for it to be on sale. 30% off is not that bad for this sturdy storage boxes! 

50% off on these utensils
30% off on these cute strollers!
50% off on bed sheets and comforters!
For a minimum purchase you have a chance to win an IPAD!
At the 3rd Floor, Ladies Sections, these jewelries and sea pearls are at 20% off
One of my favorite section here is the Girls Teen Wear, where you can get affordable dresses and work out fits. 
They are also offering 50% off on selected items. I find my self buying one skirt originally priced at Php599, I got it for only Php299!
Hot Kiss is also on sale at 20% off, I had a few pieces of these polo’s that I love wearing to work.
At the bags sections these items are at 20% off
Wallets at 50% off that you can give as a Christmas gift.

50% off on these huge selection of bags, that’s way too tempting! 
20% off on these sky high Parisian heels! 

The crowd around 6pm
Candie’s finally opens its own store here! Really cute and the candie’s girls are all so nice and not to mention gorgeous!
Solo is also on sale, there’s a section there with buy 1 take 1!

Cute dresses from Petit Monde kiosk catches Ria’s Eye!

We went to Petit Monde store, and Ria bought herself a cute dress perfect for her upcoming birthday!
Beside Candie’s is Jelly Bean offering Php500 and below on great selections.
Unica Hija offers 20% off on selected items

After getting some stuff for myself and for the house, I went to Chatime located the Upper Ground floor.

I ordered their Energetic Healthy Juice – Large Strawberry Kiwi priced at Php 90.00

Wrapping the day up, I went to the food court and tried the newly opened Mr. Kimbob offering Korean Health Food! The line is really long! I first tried Mr. Kimbob at SM North Edsa. I am so happy that SM Manila opened one too!
Korean Dumplings priced at Php55.00

Japchae priced at Php99.00
What a day! Great food and finds at SM Manila! 
Till the next sale!

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