Seafood Island Opens at Robinson’s Magnolia

Originally known for its “Boodle Feasts”, Blackbeard’s Seafood Island opens its 22nd store at Robinson’s Magnolia. It offers a wide variety of Filipino food good for the whole family and barkada as well promoting literally a bonding experience. Eating directly from the same big banana leaf lined boodle tray, where eating with one’s hands is encouraged.
Indulge to the wide variety of boodle feast:

Fiesta Bicolandia
Php765 (3-4 persons); Php1150 (5-6 persons)
Halaan sa buco, pork bbq, ensalatang talong, bicol express, ginataang alimango, laing, grilled tilapia with bagoong rice

 Dagupan’s Pride (I AM NINOY)
Php785 (3-4 persons); Php1250 (5-6 persons)
Deep fried boneless bangus, pork barbecue, steamed white shrimps, grilled tahong, talong, okra, talbos ng kamote, green mango, crispy liempo and bagoong rice

Boracay’s Feast
Php 715 (3-4 persons); Php995 (5-6 persons)
San Mig clams, grilled liempo, squid, tilapia, talong, okra, pineapple, chicken adobo sa gata and bagoong rice

Chang’s China Chow
Php1395 (5-6 persons)
Yang chow fried rice, whole fried chicken with kropek,, shrimp and mushroom sisig, salt and pepper ribs, lumpiang shanghai, crab and corn soup, pancit canton

Dapitan’s Pride
Php745 (3-4 persons); Php1050 (5-6 persons)
Crispy Shrimps, san mig clams, grilled tilapia, squid, liempo, laing, steamed crabs, and kalkag rice

Davao Gulf
Php1450 (5-6 persons)
Chicken wings inasal, pork barbecue, grilled baby squid, steamed shrimps, grilled tuna laman, grilled imbao, shrimp and pomelo salad, lato salad, kinilaw na langka sa gata, grilled talong, salted egg, grilled tomatoes, kalkag rice, bagoong rice and salted fish rice

Php1250 (5-6 persons)
Pork Tocino, Steamed Shrimps, salted egg with tomatoes, kare-kareng gulay with crispy lechon kawali, crispy fried hito with buko and mustasa, sisig, kapampangan, ensalatang mangga, plain rice

Mt. Apo
Php1650 (5-6 persons)
Imbao sa buco, steamed crabs, grilled liempo, squid, inihaw na manok sa gata, steamed shrimps, fried tilapia, law-uy, kinilaw na tanigue, balbakwa, enasalatang lato with crispy diles and salted fish rice.

Magellan’s Landing
Php965 (3-4 persons); Php1250 (5-6 persons)
Danggit chips, kinilaw na tanigue, grilled tilapia, squid, shrimps, talong, steamed crabs, chicken inasal, and bagoong rice.

Panlasang Pinoy
Php875 (3-4 persons); Php1365 (5-6 persons)
Hipon sa aligue, sinuglaw, ginataang alimango, adobong manok, kare-kareng gulay, ensalatang lato with crispy dilis, plain rice

Tali Beach
Php965 (3-4 persons); Php1299 (5-6 persons)
Grilled chicken, tilapia, tahong, crabs, squid,tomatoes, inasal big barbecue, steamed white shrimps, lato, mangga, pakwan with steamed rice.

Php 1250 (5-6 persons)
Pinapaitan, insarabasab, igado, pakbet de vigan, poque-poque, bagnet, dinakdakan, grilled bangus, vigan longganisa rice.

Palawan Shores
Php785 (3-4 persons); Php1150 (5-6 persons)
Grilled shrimps, tahong, halaan, squid, tilapia, corn, steamed crabs, lato, ginisang kangkong sa bagoong with clams’ meat rice

Come and visit Seafood Island now and experience Boodle Feast at its best!

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