Christmas Party at Cafe Lupe, Luneta Park

I’ve been very busy for the last two months of 2012. I missed a lot of my personal e-mails and blogging events because a lot of orders are up, plus rehearsals left and right. I thought I will not make it to the road trippers mini Christmas party, good thing it was Saturday. 
Venue is at Cafe Lupe, Rizal Park in front of the dancing fountain inside a man made cave where you can see a good view of Rizal Park’s new attraction, the dancing fountainCafe Lupe extended their branch here in Luneta Park which is a known resto in Antipolo City near Sumulong Highway that offered Mexican and Ilonggo dishes – a cuisine with a twist taste of Pinoy.  Since the place is newly open, food offered are also limited.

This place is perfect for those on a tight budget. There is also one videoke machine Php 5.00 per song. Waiters and crew were very accommodating. Hopefully in the future they can provide a portable toilet.

Their barbecue is well marinated and perfectly cooked priced at Php 20.00 per stick. Rice and Nachos are good too. Available drinks are those produced by Asia Brewery. Menu are as follows:

Nachos Muchos – Php 60.00
Tacos (soft or hard) Php 65.00
Plain Cheese Quesa – Php 25.00
Plain Rice – Php 15.00
Pork BBQ – Php 20.00
Baby Back Ribs – Php 98.00
Isaw – Php 15.00

Lemon Grass Tea – Php 20.00
Manila Beer Grande/Colt 45 Grande – Php 100.00/bottle
Tanduay Ice – Php 35.00/bottle

The lovely ladies of the Road Trippers!

Since we cannot sing our heart out, we opt to play Pinoy Henyo Christmas Edition. Chosen words are quiet difficult.

and the winner is:

Juan Derful Pinoy and FPJ!

Thanks the Road Trippers for this simple yet memorable Christmas Party! See you all soon! Cafe Lupe I’ll visit again soon!
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