SumoSam Invades SM City Manila

SumoSam finally invades Manila as it opens its 26th branch at SM City Manila.This is my first time to eat at SumoSam and it did not fail me. I’m not really a Japanese food lover but my mom influenced me to try it.
The following were serve to us:

Yori-Kiri Starters:

Ebi Tempura priced at Php 229.00
One of the best Tempura I have ever tasted. Not oily and I can finally savor the taste of the shrimp.
SumoSam Green Thumb:
SumoSam’s Pride Salad priced at Php 399.00
My favorite salad to date. With sweet almonds, mangoes, tomatoes, shrimp and fresh lettuce well put together. A must try here at SumoSam.
Spicy Tuna Salad priced at Php 268.00
Not your ordinary salad. A Salad with a kick of spiciness but is tolerable especially to those who is not fond of eating spicy food just like me.
Sashimi and Sushi:

Salmon Sashimi priced at Php 229.00
Las Vegas Roll priced at Php 248.00
California Roll priced at Php218.00
Dynamite Roll priced at Php278.00
I was not brave enough to try their line of Sashimi and Sushi because I am not used to eating the above, but I may say its quite tempting. Maybe on my next visit. ^_^

Yokuzuna Picks:
Bacon Dory priced at Php279.00
Also one of my favorite. I ate 3 pieces. ^_^
Rikishi Grill:
Chicken Teriyaki priced at Php268.00.
This dish never fails me.
Beef Teppan priced at Php378.00
Tender and garlic flavor makes me want more
Japanese Fried Rice priced at Php 278.00
Not sticky unlike other Japanese Restaurants.

SumoSam’s version of Popsicle priced at Php88.00
Available in 5 Flavors, this one is really a must try!

Visit them at the 4th Level  near Cinema 1. You can never go wrong with SumoSam!
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