Kaleidoscope World Forevermore Music Video Launch

It was a nostalgic night for all of us who attended the Oishi Forevermore Event. I wasn’t expecting that the night will be a Music Video Launch of the all new version of Kaleidoscope world originally performed by Francis Magalona.

Now called “Kaleidoscope World Forevermore” the original video was carefully edited to showcase as if Elmo was part of the original music video. I may say it’s really a success; I was teary eyed while watching the video. View the Kaleidoscope World Forever More Music Video: http://alturl.com/k77f9
The Magalona Family were so overwhelmed and was so emotional, thanks to the people behind the editing and the idea of making this video and also Oishi Prawn Crackers whose been here since 1974. Great Collaboration right?
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