A Bite of Zark’s Burger Minor League

I get to finally taste the famous burger of Zark’s. 

Before heading to Buendia, my boyfriend decided to take me to Zark’s for an Independence date or should I say that he really wanted to go because he wants to catch up on  the NBA Finals game before heading to Batangas! ^_^ There are only two customers dining in when we arrived. Since it is a holiday, I am not really expecting a full house. The staff greeted us in full energy.
Their wall decor contains photos of their previous customers. 
I am glad that condiments are readily available in each table.
My boyfriend ordered the ZARK’S BURGER priced at Php 130.00
Composed of 1/4 pound burger with cheese sauce in a bed of fresh veggies and then topped with sauteed  with mushroom and bacon. Add Php 20.00 for iced tea and your choice of hand-cut potato chips/fries.
I opted to try the THREE POINTER priced at Php 125.00
The burger with three kinds of cheese (mozarella, cheddar and cheese sauce) served with lettuce, tomato and caramelized onions.Add Php 20.00 for iced tea and your choice of hand-cut potato chips/fries.
I finished this three pointer plus 1/4 share of the Zark’s Burger! The Fries and burger patties are perfectly cooked and not dry at all. I wanted to try the intriguing dessert but I was way too full that I am reserving those on my next visit. This is one of the best burgers I have ever tasted. Till my next visit!
If you are in Manila you can find them at
2464 Archer’s Nook, Taft Avenue, Manila
(in front of La Salle, same building with Yellow Cab)
with contact nos: 0923-7372517/ 392-1211
or if you are residing  in Paranaque
35 J32S Bldg. President’s Avenue BF Homes Paranaque
(in front of Shawarma Shack Center)
with contact no: 0923-7372515
They also open for deliveries! 
For the full menu click HERE.
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