Subic Fitfest Pocket Event Week 2: Pilates at Options Studio

Finally! I was able to join Week 2 of Subic Fitfest Pocket Event.

Located at 15F Tower 2 RCBC Plaza, Makati City, Options Studio is the first and only International chain of Pilates and movement studios worldwide. With branches in Singapore, Hongkong, Bangkok and Koh Samui you can never go wrong in checking out what Options Studio can offer.
Upon entering the studio, we were given a welcome form for information and health purposes as well so they can determine the client’s needs.

Challenge for today: Core Hiit (High Intensity Interval Training). Our instructor is Chris Almeida gave us a 55 minute long work out. He gave us tips on how we can survive this.

The whole workout is not that tedious as the exercise had options that your body can cater or adapt to. It will not push you to your limit resulting to aches and pains afterwards. This is basically good for those who do not regularly exercise like me. 

My body is not used to any form of exercise or I may say I’m not religiously or regularly doing some exercise. My body only knows walking and running as a form of exercise. These options make you feel more confident that yeah I can do this. Of course you need to improve and try harder once you get used to it.
I enjoyed it a lot and the instructor was also cool that as if we are not doing some workouts. I guess all of us enjoyed it.

We survived the CoreHiit Challenge.

Options Studio offers a wide variety of specializations such as Pilates for Sports, Leisure and Lifestyle, Postural Correction, rehabilitation and Core Systems of Smart Movement. I am eyeing for that Postural Correction as a I have a mild scoliosis. I’ll be coming back for a 10 day session after I consult a doctor. I’ll be doing a separate post about it.

Here are the classes available and the price list as well:

 If you want to try out what Options Studio can offer please do check out on the following branches near you.

15F Tower 2 at Ayala Avenue Makati City
Tel nos. 553-3314/585-1404
Cell no. 0917-8746888
Monday to Friday – 6AM to 9PM
Saturday and Sunday – 7AM to 4PM
Level R2 Rockwell Center, Makati City
Tel nos. 907-9825
Cell no. 0917-8216852
12 ADB Ave. Ortigas Center, Brgy Wack-Wack, Mandaluyong City
Tel nos. 695-3263
Cell no. 0917-5293307
2ndlevel, Citigold Bldg. Jose Abad Santos st. San Juan City
Tel nos. 571-22.59
You may also visit their website HERE
*credits to Options Studio for some of the photos
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