GLY DERM Stretch Mark Cream Launch

The superior cream to treat stretch marks is now in the Philippine shores – GLY DERM. Marketed by A. Menarini, an Italian pharmaceutical company brought GLY DERM from France, home of the best beauty products in the world for Filipinos to experience its effectiveness

Anybody can have stretch marks, even celebrity endorsers Cheska Garcia-Kramer and G Tongi Walters had it.
Stretch marks are known to appear mainly during pregnancy, but they may also occur during sudden weight gain or loss, or even during adolescence due to rapid growth and hormonal changes associated with puberty. Genetics also play a key role in a person’s susceptibility to getting stretch marks.

The launch was graced by real women who had stretch marks who have experience using the Gly derm in treating their stretch marks due to pregnancy. You can feel their confidence as they walk the run way wearing Twinkle Ferraren latest swim wear collection.

Gly Derm is specially formulated to help rebuild collagen and regain elasticity to reduce the size and lessen the appearance of stretch marks. What sets it apart is its Tri-Derm Actives.  Gly Derm offers a superior, clinically-proven solution that will neither require laser procedures, nor break the bank.
Gly Derm Stretch Mark Cream’s non-greasy formula is also easy to use. Simply massage it into the affected areas of your skin twice a day. Initial results may be seen in as early as five weeks of continued use. Gly Derm Stretch Mark Cream’s Tri-Derm Actives penetrate the gaps of broken tissue and improves the appearance of stretch marks, so that you can soon walk around with confidence just like you did before.  This isn’t merely based on clinical proof but also it is also trusted by everyday women who have tried it!

Gly Derm Stretch Mark Cream is now available in leading drug stores nationwide priced at Php 750 for 125ml and Php 440 for 60ml. For details, visit
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