Join the Fruit Gastronomy Event on October 28!

Join us this coming October 28 at MoCa Farm, just outside of Padre Garcia Batangas for a Fruit Gastronomy Event – Hawaii meets Philippines sponsored by Rare Fruit Society of the Philippines

Famous Hawaiian fruit Guru and Chef, Ken Love, will conduct a six-hour agriculinary event and sit-down dinner for the public from 9 AM to 3 PM. It will feature Filipino fruit dishes created from recipes of Ken Love and many well-respected local Chefs and farmers across Luzon. All the ingredients to be use for the event are proudly locally grown and fresh as well. He will also talk about Farmers and Chefs relationship and the creation of Agri-culinary tourism. An early sit-down dinner with recipes created for the event by participating Chefs will also be showcase.

All of the food used for the event is fresh and locally grown. Farmers will be present to discuss how high-quality fruit is grown, why it’s healthier and tastes better. Mr. Love will also have a presentation on topics of Farmers & Chefs relationship and the creation of Agri-culinary tourism.

According to one of the organizer of the event, Gigi Morris of MoCa Farm, “This unique event will give local chefs and local farmers and producers the chance to introduce to consumers high-quality, local fruit and how to prepare it.”

For only Php750/person you will experience a one of a kind Fruit Gastronomy event. RSVP by calling/texting Mercy Beria at 09103652941 or Gigi Morris at 0919-479-0566 or through email address
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