Cosmopolitan PH January 2014: Three (3) Articles I Love

2014 is a promising year for me and as a yearly ritual, purchasing a copy of Cosmopolitan Philippines January issue makes me more excited this year.

Andi Eigenmann on the cover with a color scheme of a happy vibrant color yellow, pink and blue is a smart choice in starting the first issue of Cosmopolitan Philippines. A bright future ahead for all of us. True to its caption “Strengthspiration” Andi’s story is very inspiring, despite the controversies, she stood up and faced all the trials at a younger age thinking of how she will put herself up all together again with her beautiful daughter on her side.
The editor’s letter is very inspiring too. I finally get to see Myrza Sison in person during the BDJ Fair last year and her talk made me change how I think of her. I am not really reading the editor’s letter previously, but now I am reading it. Through her talk, on how she struggle before and how she went through in life made me change my perspective on her.

So here are the three (3) articles I love for this month’s issue:
1) How Do You Start Over from Nothing? The article talks about the realizations of the survivors of the recent typhoon that hit the Philippines – Yolanda, the typhoon that every Filipino or even the whole world will never forget.

“Moving forward is about learning to live on the go. I’ve realized that material things can just disappear” –Marie

I myself too have the same realizations as Marie. The material things you accumulated through the years will be taken from you anytime. I am not saying that giving yourself something material things is bad, what I am saying is maybe it’s time to think twice before spending on something. I myself took the liberty of not spending so much for myself last Christmas. I attended a lot of Christmas Parties and bought only myself a red dress and a pair of earrings. Since I still have bags and shoes that match the dress, I opted not to buy a new one. And for the other parties I attended, I dig in to my closet and use my old clothes instead. In short, utilize what you have.

Starting over from nothing is not that easy, we just have to believe that everything will come into place as long as we have the determination to do something about it. Always remember that God has always a plan.
2) WHAT THE FEES!? A list of charges that in one way or another we usually ignore. Like withdrawing from an ATM that is not your bank provider. An ATM charge will be deducted in your account every time you withdraw and at the end of the year, you will realize what the heck! I should have saved the ATM charges instead!
This year I will make it a point to withdraw on my bank provider.

3) THE LATEST JUICE. Everyone is on a Juice Craze right now. And this article provides five (5) types of juices that you can prepare at home without hitting your pocket heavily. Zhara Banal of Pump Juice share’s their five (5) best recipes.

Since I received a Shake and Go and six (6) cans of wheat grass last year from an event, I myself started to incorporate one of the juices mentioned in this article from my daily meal starting today: WHEAT GRASS AND APPLES.
Freebie of the month: A little notebook with Cosmo Commandments that I really adore!

And there you go; my first Php150.00 goes a long way. Every article in this issue is worth reading. Grab yourself a copy right now and start the New Year with a bang!
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  1. Following you back. Thank you for following my blog. ;0


    *I Love Cosmo too. Specially the tips on being a professional. I love thinking that hey, I'm a pro-gal.

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