Ask Diego, Your Friendly Little Advisor

I was just randomly browsing Facebook when I saw this cute and adorable 7 year old boy Facebook page “Ask Diego”. Diego’s Facebook page was created to be his “Advice Column” of course with the proper guidance of his Mom, Dad and as well as her sister Trisha.

Diego, even just a kid loves to ask questions about so many things. His whole family was way supportive and always there to answer all of this. Well some of his questions are searchable in the internet and they do this all together on their computers at home. Through asking, Diego learned so many things. With this, his parents discovered that Diego can give good advice to other people at an early age. Well I think creating his own Facebook page gives him the opportunity to interact with other people at an early age.

Since Diego, is still young his parents list down these rules/guidelines when you “Ask Diego”
  1. To ask a question, write it on the timeline or comment on his posts
  2. He is not always using the computer because it’s important to play outside with his friends and do other stuff that teaches him new things and he can only answer questions when mommy and daddy can help him
  3. There are many questions so sometimes they have to choose only some to answer but they will try to answer as many as they can.
  4. Please ask nice things only because he should not read rude questions. Rude questions and comments will be deleted.
  5. Be kind to everyone who posts questions and comments.
  6. You can also answer questions if you really want to be helpful but do not say things that will make people feel bad.
  7. Don’t flood the wall because other people want to ask questions too and he might not see the questions if it’s always just you and you and you again asking everything.
  8. No advertising and spamming. Its Ask Diego not sells stuff to Diego.
  9. No fighting or bullying.
  10. Please remember that he is a kid and he doesn’t have all the answers in the universe but Diego will gladly help if he can.
With these guidelines, I would highly suggest to you my dear readers to visit “AskDiego” and post your questions away. Also you may give him some love by liking his page too!
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