Samsung introduces its newest innovations on Split Type Air conditioners

This year Samsung launches its Triangle Design Series of Air conditionerswhich they are pioneers of. The triangular shape design improve the performance of an air conditioner as it allows for wider air intake , so more air can be drawn in. The internal space then is maximized giving more room for a bigger fan, bigger blades, and a wider vent that ensures your room is cooled faster and farther. This means a cooler room for you and your family to relax in this summer.
The Samsung Triangle Design Series lets you save up to 60% of energy with its Digital Inverter. It also comes with two unique modes that Samsung is very proud of as it is the first in the industry. Switch to Full Mode when the whole family is around and use the Single User Modewhen you are alone.

To prevent overloads from power surges and fluctuating electrical currents, this great technology is enhance with a Triple Protect System that keeps it going even through extreme weather conditions in the country. It also has an anti-corrosive coating that prevents the condenser from rusting. The very good news is, it all comes with a 10-year warranty on its smart inverter compressor – a first in the split type air conditioner market!

Samsung also released its Premium line of Samsung air conditioners. One of the key features of this line is the Virus Doctor. This feature neutralizes airborne viruses and allergies by emitting active hydrogen & oxygen ions into the room. This complete eradication of bacteria of the Virus Doctor is also able to counteract the Swine Influenza (H1N1). Moms will be to sleep soundly knowing that the kids are breathing in clean and purified air. Keeping the kids healthy all summer long. Samsung also has introduced Wi-Fi enabled controlfeature that is the first of its kind for air conditioners. This provides people with convenience since users can operate their units wherever they are through their smart phones. Now, families can escape the heat on a hot summer day by arriving in a comfortably cool household. This feature helps moms to be to keep a comfortable household during the summer.
With these innovations, Samsung abides in making our life easier and comfortable.
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