Watch Rabbit Hole, Second Season Offering of Red Turnip Theater

All weekends of August, you can watch Red Turnip Theater’s second season offering “Rabbit Hole”, a Broadway hit that garnered several Tony nominations and a win for its lead actress Cynthia Nixon, a 2007 Pulitzer Prize Winner and was finally adapted into a critically acclaimed film in 2010 starring Nicole Kidman where she was nominated as Best Actress in the Oscars.

The story revolves around Becca (played by Agot Isidro) and Howie (played by Michael Williams), a couple who lose their four year old son to a car accident (Ross Pesigan played the role of Jason, the young boy responsible for the tragic loss of their son) and the grief that slowly threatens to tear them apart as a couple and with Becca’s sister Izzy (played by Che Ramos-Cosio as) and her mother Nat (played by Sheila Francisco). Shifting between humour and heartbreak, “Rabbit Hole” explores the way people deal with loss and how this affects those closest to them.

The actors and actresses gave justice to each character they have portrayed, emotions are bursting as they deliver their lines to each other, and you can feel the authenticity of how they are able to relate on the story individually.
Directed by Topper Fabregas. “Rabbit Hole” will be shown at Whitespace located at 2314 Chino roces Ave. extension (formerly Pasong Tamo Extension), Makati all weekends of August. For the tickets, you may call Ticket World at 891-9999 or visit their website at or email Red Turnip Theater at redturniptheater@gmail.comor you can visit their facebook page:
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