Have your Selfie Moment with Sunsilk

Have you heard Sarah Geronimo’s latest single ‘Its a Selfie-Selfie moment”!? In her latest single entitled Selfie Moment, Sarah sings about being care-free and having the best time with her friends as Sunsilk lets her hair down on every adventure, gimmick and night out. She encourages girlsto take selfies to capture the fun in every moment, to have fun and leave all hair worrries behidn because they have Sunsilk to rely on.
The Selfie Moment music video features the Pop Princess as she surprises her fans a #SunsilkSelfieMoment: dance practice, a birthday party and even a regular after-school hangout. With her that stayed smooth and fragrant, Sarah’s fans took the opportunity to capture the moment by taking selfies with Sarah and her Sunsilk Hairkada. Armed with a pink selfie stick, Sarah and her fans show that with great hair, every moment instantly becomes a #SunsilkSelfieMoment. 
What better way to enjoy your Selfie moment is to win a prize out of it right!? Share your selfie on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #SunsilkSelfieMoment, and get a chance to win daily prizes and a special selfie kit from Sunsilk.
1. Like Sunsilk Facebook page (www.facebook.com/sunsilk).
2. Upload a selfie with at least two (2) of your friends on your Facebook wall, tag Sunsilk and use the hashtags #SunsilkHairkadaoke #RedBoxDiva.
3. Two (2) selfies will be chosen per week to each win Php 3,000.00 Red Box gift certificate. Winners will be notified via Facebook Messenger.
4. Promo period is from May 14, 2015 to June 14, 2015
Join now!!

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