An Artsy Afternoon with Bianca Umali and Ellips Cologne Gel

This year, I started to relieve my creativity through my planner. Not like the previous year of only writing on my planner, this year I decided to take it to another level and make weekly layouts by putting on washi tapes, stickers and use a lot of colored pens. So when I was invited to Ellips Cologne Gel Art Project event with Bianca Umali, I said yes!(Well, of course, I am  also excited to see Bianca Umali in person)
We were given a box full of art materials.
There is a face painting booth as well as a gelicious candy bar! This was not just merely a meet and greet with Bianca Umali, but her fans, as well as the followers of Ellips were treated with an Art Workshop.
The activities are, Design your own Ellips Cologne Gel Bottles and Design your own canvas bag with the help of Mansy Abesamis of
All the canvas bags that we design that afternoon was donated to the children of Kaisahang Buhay Foundation.
You can never ran out of scent as Ellips Cologne Gel is there for you to provide a lasting sent from Monday to Sunday! Bianca Umali’s favorite scent is Monday by the way.
To know more about Bianca Umali’s The Art Project by visiting Ellips Cologne Gel’s  Facebook Page:
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