Sekitori Authentic Japanese Restaurant

Are you craving for some Japanese food? Well, I recommend you to try the newest Japanese restaurant in Ortigas – Sekitori Authentic Japanese Restaurant located at Hanston Square Building, San Miguel Avenue Pasig City.
The Food:
Sashimi Nihon Chokuso Mori
Sekitori purchases fresh fish in season from all over Japan using their own logistics. When it comes to tuna, you can enjoy the taste and feel of fatty flavor melting in the mouth as Sekitori purchase the blue fin variety, the best in Japan. This is beautifully arranged on a wooden ship dish. It is definitely a feast for the eyes.
Spicy Salmon
Served as a salad with no mayonnaise as dressing.
Irodori Sakizuke Nana-shu Mori
Sakizuke is the equivalent of appetizers in Western Cuisine. This dish is a combination of seven types of appetizer. The contents vary from day to day, but regardless, each one is prepared with much care and attention.
Salmon Lovers Maki
Fusion Sushi – Shrimp Tempura is used as filling for the sushi roll and topped with Salmon sashimi. Savor the taste with the lacing of vegetables and special sushi sauce.
Special California Maki
Fusion Sushi with cucumber, mangoes, crab sticks, avocado, topped wth Salmon roe and caviar. Enjoy the taste with the lacing of vegetables and special sushi sauce.
Hon-Maguro Oo-Toro Nigiri Sushi
Superlative Tuna ordered form Japan. It is the portion of fish belly that is near to the head. With plenty of fat, you can savor the feel of it simply melting in your mouth. It is excellent as sashimi and is outstandingly compatible with sushi rice. Relish it as sushi by all means.
Pumpkin Ball
Lapu-Lapu no Nitsuke
Boiled using Japanese cooking technique that takes away the fishy smell, it is cooked in a soy-sauce based sweetened soup. The simplicity of Lapu-Lapu is matched ith the sweet, spicy sauce.
Uni Iri Chawang Mushi
Chawang Mushi is prepared by mixing a chicken egg with flavored stock, putting it in a cup with fish, chicken meat and/or vegetables and steaming it. Fresh sea urchin meat is added on top with a soy-sauce based sauce and steams it further. Cooking this egg custard may seemingly look simple, but it is a profound cuisine that could prove a challenge to any chef.
Karasu Karei (Greenland Halibut) no Saikyou Yaki
Marinated for several hours in a paste of sweet, white miso from Kyoto mixed with various original seasoning, it is then grilled. This is Saikyou Yaki. Having grown in the extreme cold of Hokkaido it has firm meat and fat aplenty.
Yasai no Kyo-fu Taki Awase
This dish of simmered assorted vegetables requires a lot of time and attention to prepare. Each vegetable is seasoned to suit itself and then separately boiled. The flavor is as thin as possible, keeping the vegetables natural taste. Furthermore, for the enjoyment of a sense of season, each one is decoratively carved in Japanese Style.
Salmon Nanban Teriyaki-Fu
The Salmon is fried, the special teriyaki sauce applied on it and then topped with homemade tartar sauce. The seasoning may be a bit strong, hence eating it with the accompanying fresh vegetables is recommended.
Shinshu Premium Beef Steak
The highest ranking Wagyu A5. Available now is beef from Shinshu, Nagano Prefecture. Scientifically analyzed and found to be with strong flavor component, it had been certified as Shinshu Premium Beef. Grilled rare, it is served on a hot plate for adjustment to your preference.
Sekitori Chanko Nabe
Sekitori’s specialty – the special hotpot that is the daily lunch for Sumo wrestlers. Port meat and bone, chicken meat and dozens of assorted vegetables are cooked for five hours to make the soup. The hefty serving of vegetables is perfect for health and beauty and with the homemade noodles at the end of the meal, satisfaction is very much guaranteed.
Assorted Japanese Sweets
Two (2) types of seasonal traditional Japanese sweets made from the Sakura Blossom that color the Japanese spring season – a total feast for the eyes. First is the Sakura Mochi, wrapped with Sakura leaf pickled in salt. The other is Sakura crystals containing Sakura bean paste. In addition, there is a pudding-like cake made with green tea and soybean flour.
I am not fond of eating Sashimi but with Sekitori’s sashimi, I was able to eat one without vomiting. It is really fresh and perfectly complimented with their homemade sauce. My favorite among these dishes are Spicy Salmon, Salmon Lovers Maki, Special California Maki and the Shinshu Premium Beef Steak .
Sekitori Authentic Japanese Restaurant is owned by a former sumo wrestler named Mr. Seto Masakazu. In charge of the dishes is the Evangelist of Japanese Cuisine, Chef Kamimoto, who had devoted three decades to introducing Japanese cooking to the world. Alongside him Deputy Chef Ume, the only one in the Philippines specializing in Kyoto Cuisine.
Come and savor the essence of traditional Japanese food at Sekitori Authentic Japanese Restaurant located at Hanston Square Building, San Miguel Avenue Pasig City. Open from 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm & 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm from Monday to Sunday. For reservations, you may call at 881-7985.
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