Trick or Treat 2016

I had my very first Trick or Treat earlier. Yeah, you read it right, it is my first. I super enjoyed this event organized by our HR Department.
The theme for this year is Superheroes, Fairytales and Cartoon Characters/Anime. Each group is tasked to decorate its respective areas following this year’s theme, using recycled materials with a working budget of Php1,500.00.
Our group decided to decorate our floor with the theme of Addams Family.
Before the actual Trick or Treat, a program was held at the 5F. Our receptionist was dressed as fairies.
There are around 200 kids who joined this year’s Trick or Treat.
 Spotted! Little Pugsley Addams
Spotted: Russell, The Wilderness Explorer from the movie UP!
Jollibee and Friends made a special appearance!
 Selfie with Hetty Spaghetti!
After the program, we started the Trick or Treat!
At the 10th Floor:
 Hello Kitty
Dart Vader
 The house from the movie UP with Russell and Mr. Carl Fredricksen.
At the 12th Floor
 Hansel and Gretel’s House
Candy Crushers!
At the 15th Floor
At the 16th Floor
 Spotted: Disgust from the movie Inside Out!
Monsters Inc!
Spotted: Sully
 This activity is very tiring but it was super fun! Till the next Trick or Treat!!
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